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    Demage Built the Global EI Booth winning general praises from TCL group on IFA 2013
    Date : 2015-10-22    Type : Company News     Editor : Demage Newsroom

    the 2013 Germany Berlin Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin ( the IFA ) was held on Beijing time 9.6-11th 2013, as one of the world biggest and most infulere international s, it owned a history as long as 89 years, this expo attracted all thought over 1400 enterprise exhibitor, dominated a total of 14 exhibitor area, hugh in population, over 400k audiences would tighter admire this overwheelingly Grand expo belonging to home appliances and consumer electronics. This time, the Demage Messe group cooperated with TCL multimedia home Department, order many its workers ahead toBerlinfor live reports, the first hand information,

    Native time 9.8, the 3rd day of the IFA 2013, the frontline reporters detailedly reporting the TCL etc big booth

    As TCL workers told that in order to exhibit the newest achivements in product research and development and production aspects, It

    As seen by reporters in the live IFA expo, although many exhibitors heavily dressed their booth, but the TCL booth still inspired people with its distinctive feature, with prefect fashion, vanguard Science fiction elements blended into it, Demage presented the TCL group and products thoroughly, especially in outlining the product prospective innovative design, the Demage EI played a great important role, which making the tcl boot in the IFA expo distinguished from many other competitors.

    Beyond the all, The TCL booth Occupied the enter live expo hall as also the biggest destii exhibitors booths in size, this is one of the the reasons why the TCL booth stand out from many competitor booths, and was directly reported many times in the live IFA expo.

    When metioned the Originations to attend the Berlin IFA expo for TCL, the TCL booth charger explained that, the Berlin IFA provide the best Opportunity and platform to make global Consumer electronics vendors and suppliers understand their newest electronics products. The TCL group who activities in widening its abroad marketing, and insisting on its global development road, certainly wont miss this. So, it in advance contractor with demage, and arranged speered charger for it to assist Demage, through the live booth performance in the expo, it accomplished the expected objective, TCL CEO also affirmed and commented it as: thanks to the dedicated Demage effect on the booth construction, it make TCL more globlized and younger, yet make TCL reached the global first brand class in the expo.

    Demage was ever praised by many its customers, but this is the first time TCL CEO Li Dongsheng didn′t skimp to praise us like so, DemageChinaarea Manager Lucky Wang expressed the vision that Demage will fight more bravely to devote to the IFA booth for TCL group.

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