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    Demage Exhibition messe established a win-win union with Donghua university creating a new cooperation chapter
    Date : 2015-10-23    Type : Company News     Editor : Demage Newsroom

    Recently, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between Shanghai Donghua university and Demage exhibition messe was held on Shanghai, the Art design Department manager also the delegator of Donghua university, Mr WuXiang, read the congratulatory letter in the ceremony.

    As he mentioned in the letter that, Demage shanghai exhibition messe services company is a global honored professional exhibition organizer and exhibition design company dedicated to domestic China and international exhibition, display design construction for various industry and occasions, which was headquartered in Germany with a wide subsidiaries network spanning in America, British, Greece, Spain, India, Korean, France etc. global 26 countries and 117 areas, by its professional talents, rich experiences, and the sharp touch into the market to satisfy the client requirements, Demage edged itself into the most competitive company queue as a frontline and dedicated domestic and global conference and exhibition company.

    As an important property component of the Donghua university, The Exhibition design department of the Donghua university charged of the campus construction and peripheral system businesses to provided them with excellent specialized convention and conference services, which achievely outstandingly in helping to bring advanced industry experiences exchanging and boost whole China exhibition industry development thus wined great praises from the public, WuXiang said, it is expected that we two can learn from each other, to development each industry advantages, together devoted to construct to bring a more bigger and professional platform for the exhibition industry.

    After positive mutual interview and exchange, Shanghai Donghua university – Demage design and research center formally established, in effect creating a new chapter forChinaexhibition industry as “campus enterprise cooperation” paradigm.

    Also in the meeting the Art design Department manager Wuxiang said that, the “the production and education combination, the campus enterprise cooperation” mode not only can exert each of their advantages, but also can together train to produce talented people needed both by society and the market, is one of the modes to realize the winning for campus and enterprise both, the enhancement collaboration effort of the campus and enterprise, the combined power of scientific research and producing, the supports, resource and advantages mutually to each other is an important way to realize good high school education and modernized enterprise management, then the development of the production capacity, the sustainable development between education and production, from them, one can see that the collaboration of “the production and education combination” is an effective method for promoting science and technology, for realizing enterprise development, meanwhile “the campus enterprise cooperation” for achieving good high school education, to increase the enterprise vitalities, to train good specialists in production, construction, management, services domains.

    At it is told that, after the establishment of the DEMAGE - Donghua University Design Research Center for joint development of the China exhibitions of their brand value to increase china exhibition size and influence, they two would widen the collaboration power together to promote the general shanghai exhibition business of its globalization and services quality, the held of the signing ceremony opened a bright further for both as the win-win solution, the new cooperation mode will make Demage more competitive in global influence and development potentials, also it will contribute to the healthy development of the Donghua university employment situation.

    Demage Manager Wangxiang also announced in the meeting that, Demage will provide its global networking resources in its official website – www.demage.com, to import its global exhibition knowledge into Donghua university by the Internet.

    Besides that, undergraduate students would share opportunities practicing in Demage as trainee annually by batch. The top professional exhibition design manger fromGermanywill also arrive to give some teaching for Donghua students there, to develop more learning opportunities and business scope to support the further corporation, to make more Donghua students Study in abroad inGermanyto learn specialized and international exhibition design.

    As it is told that, they two will engage in regular personnel exchanges, to development project training, to further enhancing design and research center’s practicalities, to enlarge the team professionalism, the cooperation shows an good opening for both, it is expected that they two will Strategically collaborated inspire the industry and whole world, to create the new exhibition industry cooperation chapters as win-win union.

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